The Emperor’s new clothes

This post is about my blog. Specifically what I love about blogging.

I’ve had a blog before and it didn’t work for anyone, least of all me.

The Emperor's new clothes

Then I chanced on Dan’s excellent blog and I realised where I had gone wrong and also what I was scared of.

Where I went wrong?

My posts were too long.

What’s the point he’s trying to make? Is there something in this for me today? Why should I return? If I wanted a chapter I’d buy a book?

I’m sure these are the sort of thoughts in readers’ minds.

I didn’t get that. Now I do.

  • I’m practicing making my point obvious and preferably up for dialogue.
  • I aim to have ‘something for most’ every post.
  • Return, because I’ll just keep getting better!
  • I’m not writing a chapter, I’m targeting 300 words ±

What I was scared of?

That everyone would judge me.

And then I got it…

That is what I love about blogging, ‘everyone’ will judge me – and I’ll learn and hopefully my readers will too; judge away.

I’m completely naked. What I say won’t be genius but I will have said it.

You can’t blog if you wait for everyone else to have their say first.

Blogging forces you to not be right, to be vulnerable, to get your thoughts together, to put yourself out there and encourage dialogue.

So what can you expect?

  • Well I’m going to look very much like the Emperor if I stop blogging, so I won’t be doing that.
  • I’ll be mixing it up, the good and the bad but trying to keep things in a positive context.
  • I’ll be begging for comments, until you start feeling it is worth the effort and comment freely.
  • And I’ll be marching down a crowded internet media street with everything on show and damn proud of it.

What can you do today to illustrate your leadership values?

One Reply to “The Emperor’s new clothes”

  1. I’m with you on the Blog thing Richard. Blogging is like being given free access to the “mind” universe. Every day I can feel the Internet and it’s related technology flex its global muscles. I think this is the beginning of something. I’m not quite sure what…but something. It’s an incredibly effective and brutal equalizer, an amazing classroom and a controversial window into almost everything. What fun……!

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