Doing the Right thing


When the left brain meets the right brain – especially when it is someone else’s right brain, it can be a meeting of difficult progress.

I have a right brain bias. I enjoy the company of both and fortunately did a left brain/right brain based degree.

Logic is great for a lot of things, but I believe the spirit of the organisation is a right brain thing. And if you’re out of spirit you are out of business.

For those not familiar –

[pullquote]Right brain: Random, Intuitive, Holistic, Synthesizing, Subjective, Looks at wholes

Left brain: Logical, Sequential, Rational, Analytical, Objective, Looks at parts[/pullquote]

The right brain may be described as clockwise, it takes us forward, whilst most of the left brain functions take us back over facts, data, history etc. and is described as counter-clockwise.

To strong left brainers, right brainers can seem somewhat unhinged!

Many right brainers are now amongst the big movers and shakers out there. Richard Branson, (the late) Anita Roddick, Steve Jobs, Seth Godin and author and trained architect Arundhati Roy amongst them. Women are more predisposed to right brain (some would say that’s why they are – right!).

I agree with those commentators that predict right brain as the way of the future.

If you are not starting to give your right brain a work-out then watch out.

• Facts won’t keep pace with change. Paralysis by analysis will happen at light speed relative to the past.

• Movements will not be logical and sometimes those that are meant to be logical are destructive (the financial crisis was fuelled by a process built on logic).

• An increasingly selective consumer will not be wowed by a selection of 1 or a ‘me too’. Henry Ford’s Model T wouldn’t see the light of day. Creativity and innovation will rule.

Get amongst it. Learn how to engage right brain.

Start here and follow the links (I recommend Gorilla Blindness) and do this test.

Think about how you build yours and others ability and how you let those with natural right brain inclinations shine in your organisation.

Do the Right thing.

4 Replies to “Doing the Right thing”

  1. Sally Hogshead thinks we are in the post “experience” era and to capture customers in the future brands wil have to fascinate. Sally is forecasting a right brained future, where imagination and creativity will reign. Bring it on !!

    Many companies haven’t figured out the “experience” thing yet !

    There are some tough years ahead for those that don’t like change!

  2. Hi Jim. Yes Sally is a definite right brain person with some great insights. Thanks for adding to the post. Richard

  3. Richard,

    Love this post. I’m so right brained I can’t tell if I’m coming or going. 😉

    As a fellow blogger, I appreciate your writing. For example, “I have a right brain bias”

    I’m hoping your prediction that right brainer’s are on the rise is true.



  4. Hi Dan, laughing with you on your right brainedness. It’s nice to think i can give back in some way. It’s is not so much my prediction as perhaps my hope after many years of ‘frustration’ that this might come to pass! By the way Farm boy from Maine. Chrissy and I are big fans of John Irving (OK New Hampshire born I know)- A Prayer for Owen Meany is one of my top 10 reads – he is definitely right brain. Thanks for calling by. Richard

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