Please Explain!

100 times...

This is an extra post this week because I’m calling out Telecom NZ for detention.

Apologies to my overseas subscribers – this may not mean a lot to you.

While out walking the hills with our dog something ridiculous flashed into my head. It was the realisation that what I had seen on TV when passing through our lounge last night was Telecom NZ’s CEO Paul Reynolds swanning across the screen in complete fly fishing garb, looking as though he had just left the horses with the stableman and was about to board his helicopter for lunch and a few good Bordeaux at an exclusive lodge.

The clip can be found here.

Excuse me, is this Telecom NZ who has disaffected thousands of New Zealanders with broken promises, faulty networks and diving share prices?

Who in their right mind thought this was a good way to say “I’m sorry, we got it wrong, I’ve lost sleep over this, I’ve spent hours toiling away with our brightest and best to resolve this issue, there is a bright future ahead for all of us.”?

I don’t know what he’s saying, because honestly I don’t care. Nothing this advert visually portrays suggests that Telecom cares,so why should I?.

In fact quite the reverse – “I’m doing fine, who are you?”, seems closer to the message it conveys.

Sure some of its target market will have holiday homes and leisure time to kill, but many of its users are probably finding life pretty tough, and many of those with complaints about their system have seriously lost business.

Please, please let me be wrong.

There must be an explanation for such stupidity, or is the marketing department as incompetent as their network division? Have they got the same publicists as BP?

And besides, where is Paul Reynolds at as a leader to think this is a great way to lead a campaign of damage control?


Great , got that out of the way, normal blogging business will resume on Monday. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend

4 Replies to “Please Explain!”

  1. I hear you Richard. I can see where the advertising guys are coming from though. He’s a bloody good front man. A risky strategy…maybe, but one the advertising boys and girls would have researched up to the wazoob.

    Would I argue morality or ethics here. Nup. That could go on a bit.

    Does this advert offend me? Not intensely. Is he paid too much? Yeah, of course he is. That’s politics gone nuts. Anyone on that sort of money is paid too much…but that’s not his problem. That’s the Telecom Board’s problem. Will I stick with Telecom? I’ve got a bet each way and I’ll stick with that. If it makes anyone feel better look across the Tasman at Telstra and check out the trail of destruction left by Sol…now that’s a disaster..and I’d have a drink with Paul Reynolds.

  2. Thanks Jim. I still don’t like it. Not worried about what he gets paid, I just think the advert is wrong.cheers Richard

  3. Hi Richard
    Dont get me started on Telstra, the main 5 Banks and even Sarah Ferguson.
    They obviously need our money more than we do.
    Enjoy reading your thoughts
    Cheers from sunny Newcastle,off for a coffee at Merewether Beach!
    (Can you multi-skill that with fly fishing?)

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for calling by. As usual on these matters opinion is divided, have heard some of stories from across the ditch , my sympathies :). The thought of a beach is positively chilling here at the moment. Cheers Richard

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