Getting organised

I am about 12,000 kms from home at present. Tired, not grumpy. Thinking – “now keeping up with my posts will be a challenge”.

Then a thought came to mind – something i promote to others – create space.

So I have options. Struggle and persist to get a high quality post out, or refocus the post within the time I have to keep the quality and keep my commitment – and honour yours.

So much of our life is about being organised. Organised to do not what needs doing but organised to do things that will help transform the present.

It is that shift in thinking that makes the difference. Not what needs to be done, “what will transform and am I giving it time?”

I read recently of an exec who rises at 4 a.m. to do an hour of meditation, and hour of exercise and an hour with family. Then he is charged – or recharged for the day.

His space, his senses of organisation isn’t just about ‘sleep’ in fact it is almost the opposite.

It is about creating space to do the things which best add up to free you as a human being with enormous potential.

So think about space, think about organisation, think about being so close to being at your potential that it hurts. Because that is what I’ll be thinking about this week while i am away – and something tells me that is where all the joy is.

tomorrow I hope to blog about joy or despair – given that in 8 hours I’ll be touching down in Amsterdam – about 2 hours before the world cup kick-off.

thanks everyone for sticking by me. I’ll honour that commitment with pleasure.


PS no photo unless my wonderful partner puts one up for me 🙂

3 Replies to “Getting organised”

  1. Dear Richard,
    Your posts keep on deepening in content and context. They really touch emotions and shake your brain to think upon. I agree that to organise is to shape your present and this process itself creates space.The person creating space for family,friends and society enjoys the true meaning of life and creats impact on personal and professional life. Creating space is sign of success. The more you create space,more you get success because you get time of each activities that are important in your life. At preset, I am working on the same topic and try to find out a model on how a person with lot of activities can organise his time. And how a person with limited time can get time to pursue his dreams apart from routine and office work. I believe that, creating space is a skill and does not come easily. You have to make trade off between your time and mind. Cognition comes in between that prevents you to organize.

    organised to make present better.

    1. Many thanks Ajay, I appreciate that you have seen my blog evolve and your sharing your own work in ‘creating space’. i’m convinced that is where a lot of the fun and reward is. Richard

  2. Hi Richard. Enjoy your trip and good luck.
    I think Seth Godin has the answers on getting organized and creating space.Seth thinks executives and organizations are wasting vast amounts of time and money and energy on trying to hang onto the old. Old ideas, old markets and old ways. He suggests traditional marketing is dead. I’m with him,he’s absolutely right.It is.Long live marketing.

    So then…getting organized. I think it’s like great design. It’s what you leave out that’s makes a design great. I think it’s like that with life. Don’t waste your time on politics,group think, command and control bureaucracy,energy draining people,industrial age thinking,committees and anything related to any of this stuff. Do this and you’ll have all the time in the world and plenty of time to organize the things that really matter.

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