Nearly there (thankyou)

Three days ago I posted about keeping my blog alive.

Once this post is posted I have one to go – strangely I have two already in the background, I’m just not happy with them yet.

One to go :), and I’ve just begun.

So what have I learnt?

Easy. Pay attention.

Not me – but your attention to what I am doing makes me pay attention to what I am doing. So it is management theory in action. Management by walking around. You are the managers of the blog, and I always thought it was me!

Dr Asheer and Ajay due to their regular and thoughtful contributions both gave me a warm glow when I flew over Mumbai / India 3 days ago. But more importantly they are part of my online community which gave me the impetus to carry through with this blog.

So it’s true. You pay attention and things change. You needn’t do more than just touch base authentically and people will work for you.

I’d love to tell you of my courage and perserverance, but I suspect that wouldn’t have got me through. Knowing you are out there, got me through.

And so it is with those around you – your employees, your family, your friends.

Take the time to show them they matter, that you know they are there, that you care.

I hope you feel honoured by this post in the way I intend, and take heart that paying attention, pays wonderfully.


5 Replies to “Nearly there (thankyou)”

  1. Dear Richard,

    Thank you very much for acknowledging my contribution.
    Nearly there makes me more emotionally attached to you and your post.
    I teach management students that one of the best motivational tool is recognition and identification. When you recognize and acknowldge someone, it connects and this is the source of inspiration.Thanks Richard. I love your quote- management by walking around. I have studied this in my management program at AIM,Manila. I would also like to add the other management principle- management by wondering around. When you wonder at someone, you correct and connect with person.

  2. Dear Richard,
    Thanks for your true affection,love and remeberence while passing by India. I really like your simplicity and empathy towards not only me but even those who are attached to me.

    Please continue sharing your management views based on your day-to-day observation and experience. I assure you of my active participation to keep your level of enthusiasm and efforts. We shall jointly try to amke your blog popular.

    I suggest you request Dan Rockwell to put some link on his blog and/or mention the Croadworks for additional insight on leadership. Dan would certainly agree and help you to succeed in getting a professional satisfaction. After all, we are all part of like-minded professional community to hone our skills through sharing and updating knowledge to earn self-satisfaction and progress in our profession.

    Richard, you shall achieve glory by continuing your quality writings.

  3. Dear Dr Asher
    all I can say us I am speechless – and highly appreciative of your support, thank you. Richard Croad

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