I own

I own I don’t own
My happiness Your happiness
My smile Your smile
My demeanour Your demeanour
My grief Your grief
My achievements Your achievements
My failures Your failures
My passion Your passion
‘the company I keep’ ‘the company you keep’
My joy Your joy
My anger Your anger
My procrastination Your procrastination
My action Your actions
My inaction Your inaction
My learning Your learning
My unlearning Your unlearning
What I eat What you eat
My love Your love
Myself My family
My health Your health
My opinions Your opinions
My beliefs Your beliefs
My thoughts Your thoughts

Because I own all of me and none of you, we can:

• learn from each other

• understand each other

• inspire each other

• respect each other

• grow great families together

• grow great communities together

• love ourselves

• love each other

• lead

• grow

• share

• embrace

• dream

• wonder

• marvel

• cry

• shout

• do all that is possible…

• and some that is not

We can live, enrich, and own, our lives.

4 Replies to “I own”

  1. Hi Richard

    Excellent use of a table to illustrate a simple effective point. Identifying what is ours and what we can control also eliminates waste. Often we waste time trying to control that which is out of our hands.


    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your support. Yes certainly there is true value in expending effort on only those things we can influence.

  2. Dear Richard,

    Marvelous and truly inspiring post. I believe that our success lies in developing others. Developing others means developing people,society, organization around us because when our environment grows, we grow. At the same time, when environment is not conducive to growth we should believe in our belief, will power, capabilities. So, the development is a exchange process and it takes many to develop. It does not grow in isolation. Therefore, development and growth is process of mutual sharing and caring with whole hearted.

    1. Dear Ajay
      thank you. I wrote three posts at 1 a.m this morning and this was one of them. The next two nights cover the others – you will see they are each quite different. Thank you for your ongoing support and wisdom.

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