About Croadworks

cROADWORKS is a contemporary business consultancy based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

I focus on people and specifically those who want to or are experiencing change.

Only positive people will support positive change and only you can control your response to and preparedness for change.

I have returned to blogging and coaching after an 8-year hiatus while filling an overseas posting as COO and then returning to New Zealand last year to ensure our children were close to family and got to go through their teenage years as true New Zealanders.

My business is based on my learnings from over 25 years in senior management, working in a range of environments and countries and running my own small business enterprises, including having coached managers as far back as 1998.

Change is happening all the time and many of us are not aware of our unintentional shortcomings in personal and personnel management which impact and are impacted by, change. We squander the opportunity for the company we work for or own to perform at a higher and more rewarding level almost every day. I know, I’ve been there.

This website is designed to both introduce cROADWORKS and provide insight into my thinking via a series of blogs which if they connect with you (or not) will help answer the question as to whether cROADWORKS can be of service to you.

As a bonus, blogging has me reflect on my own reflections while providing a meeting place for like and unlike minds.

I consult on change and coach business skills primarily for SME’s and emerging managers.

I have previously been a certified trainer in Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model – possibly the best tool I have encountered for the workplace, for home, or for life in general, and will happily introduce you or your business to the competent group of people who manage and develop the programs here in Oceania.

Enjoy your time on my site and please leave feedback it helps me improve what I do.


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